OMG It's Patti

Well, as most of my friends know, I'm not a big Simpsons watcher. I tend to watch it mainly because it's on in the house (I live with two souls that enjoy it far more than I). Anyway, last night as I'm sitting down to eat dinner, the TV switches to record the Simpsons, so I watch it. It was actually kind of funny, and it was the TALKED ABOUT episode where one of the characters comes out. Hence the title. It's Patti, who is Marge's sister.

The episode deals with Springfield allowing same-sex marriage to help their dwindling economy, and after Reverend Lovejoy refuses to marry any of the gays and lesbians that come storming to Springfield, good ol' Homer gets ordained (a cute reference to online ordinations, where I might add, is where I found celebrants-ville) and starts to marry all the boys and girls (meaning gay men and women, er lesbians).

Now it wasn't a real suprise to me that it was Patti, and there is a “I should have seen the signs” flashback that is kind of amusing, and there is a FUNNY line from Marge about Lenny and Karl (to Homer) – whom I suspected was in the top five of possible residents to go gay.

I'll have to watch it again (hint: this means I might have liked this episode). 🙂