Google Gadgets

I love Google! 

Next time you are visiting the Google search site, be sure to click on that lovely word, “more>>” (here is the shortcut just in case you are too lazy to look).  They have a dozen or so super cool services (either developed, or in development) like, Alerts, News, University Search, and Wireless. They have tools like Keyhole (pay service), Picasa (we all love Picasa), Translation Tools (you've read about those), and Google Desktop.

Then there is the Google Labs where you will find life saving (yes you read that right) tools like Google Maps (like Yahoo and Mapquest, only really different), Google Scholar (this is cool if you are doing research papers, and don't have access to Lexis Nexus and other academic dB's) and Google Suggest (you should just try it to see how this works).