West Wing Update

I found a link to some articles on the future of West Wing, so being this is one of my favorite shows (could it be my most favorite?), I thought they were worthy of a reference.

Alan Sepinwall over at the Star Ledger Newpaper (NJ) wrote a brief overview here. Part of his article has the following quote:

The outgoing fictional Commander-in-Chief, Martin Sheen , is still in negotiations himself about returning to the show in some capacity next season. If so, he would like to show Jed Bartlet pursuing “a Jimmy Carter type of ex-presidency.

Let's hope he can negotiate staying in.

Over at the New York Times (free sub required), Jacques Steinberg has written an article titled “On TV as in Life, Presidents Don't Last“, which addresses the future of West Wing post Sheen.

Both articles are optimistic that West Wing will continue beyond the “Bartlett” administration, and I can only hope that it continues to develop as an award winning, and entertaining, series.