Christmas Morning

Yesterday we went to Gilmer Wal*Mart – a joy at any time of the year – and picked up some gifts for the boys, along with a picture that Chris wanted to get printed for his mother (we have the same one hanging in our house). He also found a couple of other tooly things for his father. Oh, we also went to this hardware store where we bought a “two-bit” axe for his father (it was on his wishlist). Fun place.

Last night we watched Family Vacation (the Chevy Chase version), then Catch Me if You Can, and then – ugh – A Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”). After that I had to go to bed.

After the boys woke up (the second time) I knew it was time to get up and start the morning. Bosley and Colby were so excited. It was like they knew it was Christmas morning and they needed to get to their toys under the tree (well they weren’t under the tree, but we did have stockings for them both).

Chris’s family gives out the presents from under the tree and then it’s a flurry of paper and ribbons as we dive into our gifts. I must have been a good boy this year (in fact, I think I was extremely good). I got myself a Quesadilla Maker & Halo 2 (thanks Aurelia and Ron), which I found out could have been just one of three copies (it seems my addiction to this game is widely known), a Josh Groban CD (Closer, thanks Jake) and one of my wishlist movies, Longtime Companion (thanks Chris). Actually Chris also got me a Steve Walker print, Key West Connections, which I absolutely love — it reminds me of meeting him for the first time, even though that took place in New Orleans (NoLa is the other place I love, besides Key West). I also got a new Palm (which is still travelling to me through FedEx), but Chris printed out the product sheet and wrapped that – it was really sweet.