O&E and Arizona

Saturday was the last day of the Out and Equal Conference, and after finding some coffee to drink, we sat and chatted to a couple of other participants from Motorola and Raytheon.  Chris and I had decided that we were going to skip the Saturday sessions and lunch, and start our journey north to the Grand Canyon.  The conference was great, and I think the highlight was seeing so many organizations who were so supportive of their employees to have sent them to the summit, as well as sponsor this event.  There were a number of companies that were not there, and I hope they will be there next year.  Our goal is to attend again.

Grand Canyon

Chris and I drove north to the Grand Canyon to watch the sunset.  We decided that we would try and get there today rather than tomorrow, so that we woudl be heading back in the right direction on Sunday.

Grand Canyon Picture - First View @ Mathers Point