Sunday is Over

Well today, I tried to study.  It was not difficult to find reasons not too.  Watching news about Hurricane Jeanne is one example of how to avoid study.  Of course, my heart goes out to the peoples who are having their lives blown away, but it is keeping me away from my studies.

After reviewing how I should start my comparative religion essay, we decided we were going to head out to see Shaun of the Dead.  A funny, horror flick.  It's a take off some movie from the past that I never watched, and probably never will.  If you don't want to know the end, then don't read this … they get rescued.

Headed down to Paul's for dinner tonight.  He has recently broken up with his bf, so he was not terribly happy – though happy that we were there.  We watched Formula 51 with Samuel L. Jackson.  Another good film

I am exhausted, and yet I can't say that I was completely energetic this weekend. I think with all the stuff that we do during the week, it just catches up on us all.  I am looking forward to this week, as I'm heading to Tempe, AZ with Chris for the Out and Equal Workplace Summit.  Shoudl be a lot of fun!

This after I've handed in two essays and completed a spanish exam.  *sigh*