Out in Arizona

Well two things worth reporting on today.

Firstly, Chris got an email asking if he was interested in heading down to Florida to assist in insurance issues, a la State Farm Nat Cat days.  The proposal is pretty amazing, and if he can do this, then it would be a great financial opportunity for him (meaning the payment is pretty good).  As much as I would hate for him to not be here, with my schedule the way that it is this semester, it makes sense for him to do this now.  He has sent a request to his boss for permission, and will have to wait until Tuesday to find out if this is even still an option (need to wait to find out what Frances does to Florida).

Next. Had a brain wave – rare I know.  Decided to contact QANTAS about using some of my points to fly to Tempe later this month for the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.  Guess what? I can.  So I spoke to a lovely girl called Rebecca who worked the system to allow me to fly for 20,000 points RETURN!  Now I'm pretty excited about this, though less excited given the prospect that Chris may not be there.

All this at an odd time on a Friday night/Saturday morning.