Is that a Dorito in your pocket?

Yesterday (that would be Friday, to the day-minus-one challenged) Ian invited us to his work's annual Frito Lay @ Six Flags.  Bobby, Brian S. Scott, Jonas and myself went as part of Ian's pack, and commenced our frito-fun around 6 (well, Bobby, Brian and Ian had gotten there earlier and taken part in the margarita ritual, one that may not have been a good idea for some *wink*).

These types of events are a lot of fun, as you don't have the crowds – though I would think it was busier this year than others – and you don't have the wait in line for the rides, a definate advantage.  Oh, there was lots of candy to look at (both eye, and cotton) as well, always a good thing.

I'm not a huge fan of fast rides – well not at theme parks – so I watched (sometimes in terror) as I watched the boys shoot up into the air on the Superman Tower, or have their bodies contorted on the Batman ride, or catipulted into the night on Mr Freeze.  I did however enjoy the log flume ride (El Aserradero) and the new Sponge Bob Square Pants 4D ride.

To end the evening, Ian & Chris did their “ride it till it stops” over at the Batman Ride.  They were able to ride 9-times in a row before the ride stopped.  Scott and Jonas joined them for about six of those.  Bobby, Brian and I just watched (well, actually we chatted about the people who worked at Six Flags and whether they hooked up with each other, but it was all good).

Speaking of rides, Hurricane Ivan is giving the people of Granada and Jamaica one of a lifetime, from what I here.