First Day of School … Again!

Well today was my first day back at school for the fall semester.  This semester I have decided to take all my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which leaves MWF for working, and SGA activities.  Apart from the longer hours, I think this might work quite well for me.

Beginning Spanish:  After having my Statistcs/Government Learninig Communities class cancelled on me, I decided I should finally take a language class.  When in Texas, speak spanish 🙂  I think this is going to be a fun class, if not a little fast paced.  I have Dr. Herron (she's from Chile), and so far (er, day one remember) she is a great professora.  She's talking about dressing up for assignments… not sure where that is going to end up.

Introduction to Ethics: I have them, before anyone asks.  The professor for this class, Dr. L. Bryant, is a real cutie.  He's transferred down from a school in Illinois, and is one of these thin, raver type looking guys … only intelligent.  I think I'm going to enjoy this class (again, day one here).  There is one student in the class that I think is going to be painful; I think he takes philosophy courses for a hobby.

Art Appreciation: I know, I know… what more is there to appreciate than the fine artistic elements that you can download from the Net.  Who knew that art was so … hmmmm… dated. I guess if I don't appreciate something artsy before the end of this class, I'm just going to have to retire my right-side of my brain.

Comparative Religion: Now this class, I am going to enjoy.  I was meant to be taking Introduction to Criminal Justice, but after reviewing my transfer classes, I found out that that class didn't transfer, and the Comparative Religion one did.  Voila!  It's a one-night-a-week class, for 2 and a bit hours, and we are going to discuss the elements of the five major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Next week we begin our journey as Hindus.  A good thing about this class, is that I'm taking it with a former SGA exec member, and PTK person — so this will make it more fun.