Donde estas …

Today, I practiced spanish.  I even made note cards, and started to put post it notes around the casa.

Chris and I were invited down to Scott's home tonight for dinner, where he and Jonas were playing hosts.  It was a fun evening, with a good (?) mix of people.  Scott has a cute friend – Jeremy, I think – who a couple of us salivated over.  Normally not a problem, except I was doing this whilst making the hamburgers.  Brian S. was there, which was nice to see him again this weekend.  It was a fun evening, with Dawson being the main attraction – such a gorgeous pooch, and followed closely in second place (sorry Scott) by Clarence.

On the way down I was practicing my spanish, with the colors of the cars, and counting.  Chris is being ultra sweet as I bug him constantly on how to pronounce words, or ask him to explain why a word is the way that it is.  It's good to have someone around that understands the language, and can practice with me.