Hump Day

It's Wednesday – hump day.  Days go by so fast. 

I'm starting to realize how small the world really is, and how much smaller it is becoming through the development of blogs all over the place. I mentioned a few posts back that there have been times when a group of us are sitting around chatting about something, and suddenly someone says “oh I read about that on your blog.”

Are blogs the bars of “noughties?”  I know with LiveJournal you have the ability to link to other bloggers directly through the  friends page, and it seems that people actually click on that link and discover new friends/acquaintances.  The benefit of reading a blog before you make contact is that you get to know a person a little more,  and you can determine if you want to “meet” that person.  My friend Bobby recently did that with my LJ friend , when they found out that they share so much in common (geeky sci-fi type stuff), and now I see cross posts on each of their blogs.  It's a whole different meaning of community.