DNC Part 3 … blogging style

Reviewing various blogs today, after being slack yesterday.  I am enjoying the fact that many representatives and delegates are making themselves available to the blogger community at the DNCC.

Byron over at the Burnt Orange Report has a great interview with Tammy Baldwin.  In her interview, when asked about the increasing tuition costs, Baldwin states that “the solution to the problem was increasing funding for the Pell Grant program, and lifting the ceiling on the amount for grants so that it could cover a higher percentage of costs.”  Being involved with the community college system, this is good news for students!

Over at afro-netizen, Chris Rabb was giving an overview of his social activities during the DNCC, and made the following observation: “Dean is now what I'd call 'fashionably irrelevant.'” (link)  He made this observation after describing his new suit (very fashion focused).

Don't forget to check out Susan's Diary.  She has made some great posts, capturing a different perspective of the convention, especially her comment about the blogger's roost (well, she repeated the term, but I read about it first on her blog).

Oh I just found out that Willie Nelson is performing tonight at the convention…  Chris just said this is the way to get his mother to possibly vote for Kerry.  Unlikely.