FRC Soliciting Support for FMA – Take Action

The Family Research Council is seeking action from it's supporters to support moves to write discrimination into the US Constitution through the Federal Marriage Amendment. I've just used their site to write and ask that my representatives oppose discrimination being written into the constitution. What I wrote is copied below, along with a link to the FRC site in case others are interested in doing the same.

Your e-mail message was sent to:
• Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican)
• Sen. John Cornyn (Republican)
• Rep. Sam Johnson (Republican)

(courtesy of the Family Research Council's web tool)

Thanks to the elected representatives of Massachussets, and their appointment of fair and representative justices, marriage is now available to a large group of people who have waited years to have their relationship recognized by the state, just like many others have done over time.

Starting this past week, gay and lesbian couples are celebrating their love, with their new-found ability to join with their partner and get married in Massachusetts.

The sky is still intact, and the love that has been seen through the media over the last week should provide you with a better understanding that the move in MA is about a legal contract based on love, not religion. As an ordained minister, the joy that I have seen over this paste week in the media, as gay and lesbian couples have gotten married, proves to me that this is a part of God's wonderful plan.

What is being suggested through the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) is the act of writing discriminiation into the United States Constitution. This is the first time that an amendment is being suggested that would discriminate against a group of people in the United States. I am writing to ask that you not be listed in the Congressional Digest, and history, as being one of those elected representatives that voted for this type of discrimination.

While you may personally oppose the idea of same-sex marriage, or civil unions, you have been elected to represent a much larger group in your district and state. Like many other citizens of the US who pay the same in taxes as many others, gay men and lesbians now have the opportunity to say “I do”, and I'm asking that you won't say those same words should an amendment to the US Constitution reach the House, or Senate floors for consideration.

I urge you to oppose any moves to write discrimination into the US Constitution, and say “I don't” should a vote on the FMA come before you.

Rev. James D. Nunn, D.D.