Well what a weekend. Chris, I and five other friends took off up to Lake Texoma for the weekend of cabin camping, and fireside singing and the like. We had, what seemed like, a number of Kum-Bi-Ya moments, with different words, and lot more liquor 🙂 I'm exhausted, and I think only the pooches are more tired!

Of course, no camping trip would be complete without the mandatory sunburn, so now I have my redneck, arms and face — *sigh* We actually saw the lake – pretty, and the walk along the pathways to the lake was pleasant — though not a moment went by when I wasn't thinking how I'd rather be sipping a margarita on my chaise lounge overlooking the greenery of the hills.

I think I spotted house version three while there… a lovely maroon and white one on wheels 🙂