Houston — *cough*

Well I've just got back from the State Convention of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association (*gasp*), which was in Houston. CCCCD was there with two reps and our advisor, and we came home as the president school for the region. This is great news for CCCCD, and will keep me focused on regional/state student advocacy issues.

I was really excited by the conference and the energy that the new state executive board will bring to the organization. I think the new president school will firmly put students in the face of Tx legislators.

The real suprise of the weekend was the other student representative who came down with me. I was guilty of doing what I criticize others of, and that is pre-judging someone. I was taken aback by a bumper sticker on this guy's car, and assumed all the wrong things. What an a** I was on that one. I think we hit it off really well, and I found myself being very open with him – which suprised even me. He is keen on taking a more active role with the SGA at the college, and I am over the moon on that. Finally, someone who seems to be passionate about things other than college activities for students.

As for Houston, what a dirty city. I've developed this annoying cough, and I'm sure it's allergy or pollution related. I can only hope that I get over this real soon. Sad to say that Dallas is very clean compared to what I was exposed to in Houston. I guess I'll have to give it another chance when I go visit some friends down that way over summer.