Mexican Starbux

Coffee was more subdued than normal. I think the fact that we were later may have contributed to this a little, or a lot. Still most of the regulars were there and some new faces – which is always nice!

We ate at Hacienda tonight after coffee, and bumped into a couple of friends from college. I like the fact that even in a city of over 53K people, you can still bump into people … like a small country town (which Frisco is far from being).

Almost finalized the Frisco Freedom Fest names from FPride, so should be able to get that off to the City on Monday. I hope we can all work around the same time, as this will help in keeping it fun for everyone.

Getting sleepy. Should take advantage of that and get an early night. Chris may be going to Shreveport tomorrow night, so we'll see if I'm in for a ultra-quiet night tomorrow.