Am I Dead Yet?

Today I attended a Health Fair at the college. First time I've had my cholesterol tested – not good. I'm not a doom or gloomer but I have to say I felt pretty depressed by the news. My triglycerites are at 532 (way over) and my ratio is 6.7 (should be lower than 4.5). Need to exercise, and now I have a reason to do it. Blood pressure is high – 140/100, so another reason to get off my fat ass and do something about it.

On a better note, I resigned from the LRC position yesterday, though it probably wasn't read until today. I think it's a good decision, and I'm happier about it. Still concerned about getting income in… but things always work out it seems, so I'm going to cross my fingers.

SGA looks like it could be an interesting year. We are going to get a new advisor – Kathrine, so that should set us in the right direction.