What a gap in my entries! I guess this is what happens when you get a new computer and forget to load the download (or upload) tool for livejournal 😉

This past weekend Chris and I, joined some friends (six others) for a weekend on Lake Buchanan down towards Austin. Joining us were seven dogs – so it was a full cabin! It was very relaxing and a lot of fun. The 'tone' of the group was very different to the last time we went on a trip like this. It seemed to be more serious. Not sure why, just was that way.

Our dogs were SO tired, it was funny to watch.

I've been busy with things of late, so trying to keep my days organized so I can keep afloat. The Student Leadership stuff is really annoying me. The leaders of the group seem to think that what they have given us during the last seven months is something to work with, and frankly this isn't the case. Just a lot of notes, a lot of speakers and very little in the way of team building and team dynamics. This is reflected in the way that many groups are dealing with their presentations they are meant to make this week.