Talking Stomachs

Good name for a group, right?

Today I have felt like death. I ate something last night and it did not agree with me at all. Still I got up to do a student government retreat / planning day, which was poorly attended. I shouldn't have expected anything different, but I had hope. The fact that I was feeling bad, and the attendance was poor, put me in a worse mood. I felt embarrased because we had the Vice President of Student Development and the President of the College come to our sessions. So much for student government *sigh*

Anyway, we finished the session after lunch, as I couldn't continue. I progressively felt worse as the day went on, so I left early and fell into bed when I got home. Slept till just after 6:30 PM, and didn't really feel any better. The smell of food does not agree with me, so I'm taking a very low profile in the house. Chris made me tea and was just so sweet when he got home. I think I'm just getting crankier in my older age, and being sick intensifies that feeling.

The dogs must know I'm not well, as they are keeping a close eye on me, but not being as energetic as they normally are. I really love those pooches!