Hibachi – College – HOA

WOW! After what seemed like three hours, I'm full. We just helped celebrate a birthday with a friend of ours and the venue was a Japanese Hibachi bar. The “show” was awesome, and the food unbelievably good 🙂

The Advocate has a very cute boy on the front of the February 4 edition, and he's a ballet dancer (Marcelo Gomes) … one can only wonder what that would be like *smirk*

Finally got my classes sorted out, and I'm enjoying Yoga. I managed to enrol in an English course (online) and I'm feeling really good about my workload for this semester. I've got a professor that I'm not thrilled with for one class, and he's already starting to show how pompous he can be – let's hope I survive.

I was appointed to the HOA Board this week, after one of the elected members decided to stand down. I'm still not overly happy with the treatment that I received at the annual meeting by some of the former board members, but thankfully a number of neighbors have been very supportive and now understand the issue with the previous board and myself – so I think it ended up being a good thing. Tomorrow we sort out the positions, and I'm hopeful that I will convince my fellow board members that I would serve as a great president – fingers crossed.