Texas Tales – April 1999

April 4
Mike and Tim have taken off to Cancun, Mexico today for a week’s holiday (vacation) in the sun, and to wander through some Mexican ruins. Brian, Chris and I ventured down to Oaklawn today for Easter in the Park – where there was a dog show, symphonic music and lots of people showing as they wandered around. Oaklawn is the gay area within Dallas.

April 9
Decided late tonight that I would drive down to Shreveport tomorrow to meet up with Chris.

April 10
Headed down to Shreveport, Louisiana today. Hired a vehicle (a nice red Mercury Tracer {don’t ask!]), and drove around town for a little. Today I also became the proud parent of a Qualcomm QCP1929 Cell Phone (number available if you ask nicely).

April 11
After a breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes), we ventured to the tornado hit area of Shreveport. Seeing all the twisted metal and house contents strewn all over was eerie. Unfortunately, the area hit was a mobile home area (another area was hit) and the devastation was so concentrated – it was odd to look on either side of this area and see homes standing there as if nothing had happened. Chris took a few pictures, which will be uploaded soon.

After visiting the site, we drove over to Caddo Lake – the only natural lake in Texas. It is on the border of Texas and Louisiana, and provides a swamp-like image when visited. A quick drive further into Texas, and we are at the Lake O the Pines – where Chris’ family has a house boat. The country side is full of wild flowers: Indian, and ???? which is the state flower (it’s illegal to pick these flowers).

April 12
Last day in Shreveport. Drove back to Dallas, enjoying the sun and the wind in the hair.

April 17 to April 20
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