TX DNC Delegates

Just found out something very excting about Texas, from apathyiscool.com:

They did a state by state roll call and found that of approximately 56 states and territories, 48 had GLBT representation. There were 7 transgendered delegates with 2 from Texas. That makes Texas the first state in the Union to elected two transgendered delegates to the National Convention.

Pretty impressive for a southern state 🙂

Frisco Thinking

There has been a thread on one of the Frisco Online message board about the constitutional amendment to define the term marriage to mean between a man and a woman. The thread is now upto about 350 messages, and the diversity of opinion is pretty overwhelming. Sadly there are those that believe that same-sex couples will always be second class (or worse), however they seem to be in a minority. There was another thread on the school in New York, but this seems to have died down some.