Ann Richards Dies at 73

According to breaking news from CNN,

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, whose brassy, tough-talking persona and trademark white hair cut an indelible profile in Democratic politics, died Wednesday evening at her home in Austin, surrounded by her family, her spokesman, Bill Maddox said.

The Austin American Statesman wrote, amongst many other things, that

On embarking on her 12-year stint as a statewide official, Richards said: “Naturally, I want it to be easier for women to get involved in politics. I want them to think of politics and public service as a good place for them, as something honorable and something worthwhile for them to pursue. And the way they are going to do that is to say, ‘If she can do it, I can do it.’ “

I know how dear Ann Richards was to many of my friends, and I know they will be experiencing a greater loss tonight as the news of her death filters through.

Kent goes bye-bye

Just reviewing what has been happening in other parts of the state with the primary election.  It appears that Kent Grusendorf (the current chair of the House Education Committee) has lost his job, or will at the end of the year. 

Diane Patrick – who had the support of the Texas Parent PAC – ran against Grusendorf, and won (receiving 56.71% of the vote).  What is ironic about this result, is that I only heard Grusendorf on NPR last week saying that he was not concerned by his opponent as she was a liberal, and the voters could see the differences (my words, not his).

One should never take the electorate for granted.  I guess now is the time to be concerned.

I feel love…

Don't ask me why, but I get the press release notices from the Texas Governor's Office, and this was today's:

Statement on Comptroller's Announcement of Audit

AUSTIN – Kathy Walt, press secretary for Gov. Rick Perry, issued the following statement today on the comptroller’s announcement that she is initiating an audit of contracts:

“Contracts signed by the Office of State Federal Relations are already being reviewed by the state auditor’s office as part of its regular auditing functions. It is not her job to audit other agencies and there is no need for taxpayer dollars to be spent on duplicative audits in order to feed her insatiable appetite for media attention.”

Feel the love 🙂

TX Marriage Rant

The Texas Legislature is currently considering putting another amendment to the Texas Constitution on the ballot in November. This one relates to eminent domain, and is a reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision. Here is the wording:

“The constitutional amendment to prohibit the state or a political subdivision from taking private property for the primary purpose of economic development or to benefit a particular class of identifiable individuals.”

Now here is my concern. Most cities tend to use eminent domain to assist the community, specifically in the development of roads, parks and other city-wide services. ALL of these have an economic benefit towards the city, and the developer community (I'm thinking Frisco here). Is the intention to remove the right of eminent domain ENTIRELY from use by cities? The major concern is that word “or” as it implies that there is a choice. Perhaps the use of the words “primary purpose” is there as the saving term, but I can't help but get the vibe that because it is a little vague, it will get defeated. I only hope that is the case with some of the other amendments.