making work friendly

This is a pretty kewl waste of time. It imports a website into a Word-esque looking document (either Blue or Silver versions). As Paul asks, are there any workplaces where this would be needed? It reminds me of the old “BOSS” button that some sites used to have. Besides with RSS feeds all over the place, who reads websites anymore?


Blog Surfing

Earlier this week while looking at other people’s blogs, I found this link (courtesy of danah @ apophenia). It provides an insight to how different drugs affect our behaviours and our abilities to function, through the use of animated mice. It really is a very cool tool if you want to understand what actually happens to the brain when drugs are used.

Here is another cool tool created for the folks that use OS X. (SIGH)

WikiMania Conference 2006 kicked off yesterday, and here is a good recap of Day 1.

Rolling Stone’s most recent cover story is titled “The Worst President in History?” Guess who this might be about? (Source: Chris)


As some of my friends know, I’ve been recently trying out a BlackBerry as a replacement phone. The move would also involve me changing my service provider from Sprint to T-Mobile. (Sprint has mobile communication devices like BlackBerry, but their service plans seemed to be a little steep, and therefore not an option.) Currently, I am waiting for my Sprint agreement to end (tomorrow, yay!) so I can port my number over. The few times that I have used the phone (as a phone), I’ve been happy with the quality and the coverage.
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OScar Project

I'm doing some research on different sites that use Mambo/Joomla, and found this one.  From the site:

It is the goal of the OScar Project to develop a car according to Open Source principles. In our opinion, a car is not a vehicle full of high-tech gadgets. Instead, we are looking for a simple and functional concept to spread mobility. Form follows function.

Apart from that, OScar is not just a car. It is about new ways of mobility and the spreading of the Open Source idea in the real (physical) world. On this website, you will find a great community of developers and drivers who want to invent mobility anew and together.

The project started in 1999. In December 2005, it reached release 0.2. Starting in 2006, everyone is welcome to participate.

Cool Email of the Week

Earlier this week, I received an email from James Nunn.  The subject of the email was “Feedback: our names” and I'm thinking to myself, hmmm… more viagra adverts (coming through my feedback tool on my website).  I was surprised to open the email and find this:

Dear James,

Hi. This is a bit cheeky but I was wondering if you would do me a huge favour. could you put a link or a note on your site to my site? I am an illustrator and designer and lately I've had a lot of interest from the states and it crossed my mind that they'd have to guess what my web address was since I have only just started putting my url on the books I design. Predictably this happened after I did the book that many americans now own: Eats Shoots and Leaves.

If you don't want to or don't think it's appropriate then don't worry, really. You seem to have a lot on your plate right now anyway so I do wish you all the best with the lawsuit etc. whatever you decide you seem like a nice guy, which is always a bonus in a namesake!

At any rate I hope you enjoy the site

very best wishes


How cool. A namesake! So I did as I was asked, and there on my front page of my webpage is a link to “The Other James Nunn.” What makes this even more incredible is that I actually own that book, and it's been on my reading list for a few months now.  Now I have more reason to read it, if only to admire the pictures!