CM Birthday Evening

We have just returned from a very pleasant evening celebrating Chris’s birthday. Chris wanted to try Jasper’s Restaurant, which offers Gourmet Backyard Cuisine, and then enjoy a glass of wine at Cru Wine Bar after the meal.

It was a wonderful evening celebrated with our friends: Bobby & Ian, Layton, Brian, Jonas & Corey.

We even had time to explore dodgeball and update our listings while we waited for our table at Cru.

Layton was the only sensible one that bought a camera, so hopefully there will be some pictures from the evening posted shortly.

HBTY Craig

Friday is my friend Craig’s (Outside the Box) birthday. He’s 29 (and some months). Of course he doesn’t look a day over 29, which is good, given that this is the age he is turning 🙂 Now be careful when you wish him a happy birthday, as he has a dicky ticker (aka Lizzie Birdsworth), so no sneaking up on him.

Anyway, happy birthday Craig – may you have many more 29th birthdays!