Remembering Dianne

The following was sent over to be read during the memorial service being held for Dianne in Australia on August 3, 2005.

Dianne was the kind of person who you met, and your life improved. She changed lives for the better, and I will always remember how warmly she welcomed me into her life when I first met Dianne in 1987. I will forever thank Daniel for introducing her into my life.

Only a handful of you may know that Dianne was the creator of Ms. Kitty Litter, my alter-ego for my 30th birthday bash. She took on this challenge with an energy, and passion, that I thought she was more excited about bringing Kitty to life. This is how I remember Dianne, grabbing what opportunities came her way, embracing life, and making the most of it.

As anyone who knew Dianne grew to understand, life was not designed to be dull. Some of the more memorable moments I remember include:

  • her and Jenny “DJ’ing” at Daniel and my 10th anniversary party, and the subsequent hangover we shared the next night;
  • the vast numbers of Yum Chas enjoyed on a Sunday, with our friends;
  • the many mannequin moments on Chapel Street (or anywhere with an unprotected window); and
  • the thought of Dianne throwing her underwear on stage to Tom Jones (though she claimed never to have actually done this).

I valued Dianne’s friendship, and I will regret not having the opportunity to visit with her after she became ill. We emailed each other, and shared numerous pictures of our boys (her Jack; my Bosley & Colby), and promised to see each other soon. Sadly, I’ll not be able to keep that promise, but I shall remember her, and will raise my glass in celebration of her life, and the impact that she made on each and everyone one of us.

Ron and Joan, thank you both for giving this world a remarkable woman, and an extraordinary friend. Dianne’s love and friendship touched us all, and she will always be in our hearts.

James & Chris (and our “boys”, Bosley & Colby)
Frisco, Texas

My friend Dianne

This is my friend Dianne, with Daniel taken in Sydney in 1998.

Dianne & Daniel Sydney 1998

This is how Dianne was. Always smiling and always beside her friends.

Dianne died on July 28 from complications in her battle against cancer (leukemia). She had survived three treatments for breast cancer, and all through this, she became more determined that she was not going to be beaten down. Dianne was a fighter.

She was also a wonderful friend, and was always there when you needed someone to just chat. I have some wonderful friends, but she was the only one that really kept in contact following Daniel and I breaking up in 1999. I miss her already, and hate that I can’t be there to share a final glass of champers in honor of a real friend, with the people who loved her.

If inclined, feel free to check out my other pictures of Dianne.

Meet Jack

Jack the Super DogMeet Jack, the Super Dog. Jack is Dianne's special little pooch who joined her family and life after the death of their other dog, Penny.  Dianne loved Jack, and I'm sure he will be wondering what has happened to his mum. 

I'm hoping that Jack will continue to live with Dianne's parents, although both of them are getting older.  According to Dianne – when she first got Jack – he was a bundle of energy, and full of adoration towards his mummy.

Keep Jack in your thoughts.

Tribute to Dianne

For those of you who read this, I posted an entry earlier this month about my friend Dianne who has been battling cancer over the last few years, first breast cancer, and now leukemia.

Dianne died Thursday, July 28 around 11:00 PM (Melbourne time), which is around 8AM this morning. She wasn't meant to.

Here is a brief comment on my web site, along with one of the pictures I have of her. I'll post more. Right now, I'm not feeling happy.

Dianne Update

I got an email from Dianne yesterday morning (I've been delaying posting about it). She is not well AT ALL. It appears the type of leukemia she has is Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), which normally develops when there has been a high exposure to radiation and benzene. It is the most common of the leukemias that affect adults, and the survival rate is pretty high with a succesful chemotherapy routine. The thing is, that chemo didn't work. It also appears that she has a great doctor, who is very much on top of the latest drugs and trials, and she has been approved to receive a new drug that attacks the actual leukemia cell. There is a good chance that this will work for her, but it is a trial, so we won't know until we know. She is optimistic about the treatment, and I'm comforted that the drug only is fatal in 10% of cases (it kills the liver, or can). So the odds are very good, and positive thoughts will make it even more successful!

I met Dianne in 1987 when Daniel and I began our relationship. Daniel and Dianne had attended the same university, and had obtained their teaching diplomas at the same time. They had quickly became good friends, and when I joined Daniel's life, she became a good friend of mine. Dianne was the most welcoming person I had ever met.

I'm going to be posting some more information about her, and some pictures that I've been finding and scanning. Its moments like these that the Pacific Ocean does make a huge difference.