Yoga Final and Gates speak

Today had my Yoga final. It was pretty good, and I'm going to miss the occassional class that I took. I've one more final to go and then it's over until summer two. I was meant to go listen to Dr. Robert Gates speak at the college today, but he was called to Austin to do something down there, so no presentation. It would have been very interesting, just bad timing to get the A&M President with the legislative session happening.

Rainy Days on Thursday

The rain started yesterday. Not sure if this groundhog thing actually is real or not, but he saw his shadow – which is meant to mean that we will have six more weeks of winter. Coincidence? Not sure. Enough people believe it, so maybe there is an element of truth in it.

Classes are going okay. I've still to do work on one class, and behind in another. I've been so busy with the HOA – trying to make as much headway as possible in the quickest amount of time. I'm thinking this is a positive thing, so I keep moving forward.

SGA is on a downward spiral. I'm not sure what more I can do to get people motivated. I'm not motivated, so maybe that would be a good starting point.

Hibachi – College – HOA

WOW! After what seemed like three hours, I'm full. We just helped celebrate a birthday with a friend of ours and the venue was a Japanese Hibachi bar. The “show” was awesome, and the food unbelievably good 🙂

The Advocate has a very cute boy on the front of the February 4 edition, and he's a ballet dancer (Marcelo Gomes) … one can only wonder what that would be like *smirk*

Finally got my classes sorted out, and I'm enjoying Yoga. I managed to enrol in an English course (online) and I'm feeling really good about my workload for this semester. I've got a professor that I'm not thrilled with for one class, and he's already starting to show how pompous he can be – let's hope I survive.

I was appointed to the HOA Board this week, after one of the elected members decided to stand down. I'm still not overly happy with the treatment that I received at the annual meeting by some of the former board members, but thankfully a number of neighbors have been very supportive and now understand the issue with the previous board and myself – so I think it ended up being a good thing. Tomorrow we sort out the positions, and I'm hopeful that I will convince my fellow board members that I would serve as a great president – fingers crossed.

College Woes

Well I can't believe it. The college has cancelled the only techincal class I have left on my degree plan for this semester, and because of the late notice, I am having trouble getting into other classes. The degree program coordinator is working with me, but it's frustrating right now, as today classes start, and I currenlty only have 10 credit hours of classes and I'm meant to have at least 12. Looks like I'll be taking some basic courses, which will benefit me if I transfer.