Maya Angelou

On Thursday evening, I sat in the UNT Colesium and listened to Dr. Maya Angelou. She spoke about Rainbow in the Clouds, and how each person shines as part of that rainbow. It was a good theme, and extremely uplifting and inspirational.

I thought her presentation was very good, and she is indeed a good story teller, mixing a history of her long life, the poetry that she has written and the people that she has met along on her life’s journey. I was suprised to learn about her youth, and through that understanding I discovered the draw that she has with a great many people. It’s not just about her words; it’s about her life. Continue reading “Maya Angelou”

Toga To Go

Saturday night, our intrepid group headed north-west to Denton to attend a toga party hosted by Layton and his roommates. We were a little unsure of what to expect, given that this was a college-party and in Denton, but those fears soon subsided once we had arrived. Naturally, we all looked fabulous!

Photos will be posted once we find our camera (actually, we know where it is … we just have to get it).