Chris in Australia 1999

In February 1999, Chris came over to Australia. Here is what we got up to … well, travel-wise.

Monday, 22 February 1999

Arriving at 9.00 am at Melbourne Airport (otherwise known as Tullamarine) on Qantas Flight 100.

Planned rest day. Dinner at Acland Street, St Kilda (one of the groovier streets in Melbourne.

Tuesday, 23 February 1999

12apostlesPlanned drive along the Great Ocean Road to Port Campbell. This will include scenic views of the Twelve Apostles, the London Bridge, as well as much of the Victorian coastline. Overnight stay will be in Port Campbell.

A little information can be obtained from the Tourism Victoria site on our Natural Attractions .

For an idea of the distance to be travelled, a map of a popular tour can be view. Our touring time is 2 days, not five, but we won’t be doing all that either!

Wednesday, 24 February 1999

Great Ocean Road and Country Drive (continued)

Thursday, 25 February 1999

A visit to Healesville Sanctuary will start our day. Healesville Sanctuary features the largest collection of Australian wildlife in the world with more than 200 species of native birds, mammals and reptiles, displayed in a beautiful bushland setting. A path weaves through the Sanctuary taking you through large habitat areas where wildlife can be seen in their natural environment. Encounter colourful birds, stroll amongst the kangaroos, meet an Emu on the path, hear dingoes howl and watch the flight and hunting skills of magnificent birds of prey.

In the evening, we will visit Commercial Road – Melbourne’s main gay area for some food, some wine and some bumping and grinding.

Friday, 26 February 1999

Flying to Sydney, Australia on Flight QF426, departing Melbourne at 11.00 am, arriving at Sydney at 12.20 pm. Whilst in Sydney, we are staying at the Star City Casino Hotel.

Catch a ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay (views of Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge). Visit city centre.

Friends in Sydney at the time may visit for early evening drinks, followed by an evening dinner along Oxford Street. A night in Oxford Street would not be complete without the mandatory pub crawl ending at Midnight Shift (with Ruskis).

Saturday, 27 February 1999

Mardi Gras Parade and Party happens today. Rest periods throughout the day – an all night party !!!

For the second year, Brainwaave Interactive will broadcast the Parade live on the net. Last year’s broadcast was watched live by over 20,000 people from around the world, and seen subsequently by another 40,000. If you can’t make it on to the street, you can still feel the magic by pointing your browser to

Sunday, 28 February 1999

Recoveries! and maybe a little more sightseeing!

Monday, 1 March 1999

Unplanned day in Sydney.

Returning to Melbourne on Qantas Flight 463, departing Sydney at 7.30 pm and arriving in Melbourne at 8.50 pm. Depending on the feeling, may venture out for a bevvie at the local hotel 🙂

Tuesday, 2 March 1999

City tour / shopping day.

Wednesday, 3 March 1999

An evening meal will be enjoyed on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. The perfect posh dinner for out-of-towners: sip champagne while you rattle along in one of Melbourne’s finest.

Thursday, 4 March 1999

During the day, last minute shopping and touristy things. In the evening, we will be doing a Farewell Dinner / Get Together at a local Chinese / Malaysian Restaurant.

Friday, 5 March 1999

Depart Melbourne at 5.15 pm.