31,557,600 seconds

But only one first! Today is the first time I’ve turned 49. It will also be my last. Over the next 365 days, I will incrementally become 50, and providing I continue to look after myself, those numbers will continue to rise. But today, today I am 49. There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year, and […]

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband, Chris Moss. March 5, 1999 I moved here without really knowing where life would lead me. That date became the date that we established our lives together. Over the years, we have had an incredible journey, and I’m so thankful that three years ago we were married, and started […]


On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether my marriage to Chris Moss should be valid in Texas (which it is currently not), and across this great country. Currently, our marriage is recognized in 38 states (plus DC), which means that our relationship has a different legal status depending on which […]

Happy Anniversary

Sixteen years ago today, I began a journey with a man that I had fallen madly in love with. Two years ago today (same day) I was one of the happiest men on earth when Chris Moss and I exchanged vows on our wedding day. Today, like everyday, I am thankful that Chris is not […]

DOMA Unconstitutional

Edited post from my Facebook: Today’s decision completely changes my and Chris’s life together. For over 14 years, I have found (legal) ways to remain in this country to be with the man that I love, and create the family that we have together. This has involved student visa’s and temporary work visas, in many […]