Email – JN to MG (11/18 @ 1:45 PM)

From: James Nunn []
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 1:45 PM
To: ‘Morris Garcia’
Subject: RE: Doves


Thanks for the email.

As I discussed with Dawnetta when I indicated my interest to rejoin the board, I want to see CCGLA continue to succeed as a viable organization within Collin County. Since joining the board, I have consistently worked at supporting the mission and goals of CCGLA, along with the rules that govern our organization (of which I wrote).

I have worked at expanding the role of CCGLA, establishing more efficient practices within the organization, and educating members of the board of the legal aspects involved with a non-profit organization in Texas.

Specifically, I have

  • proposed the establishment of the Community Board Advisory Committee, so that CCGLA could become more involved and integrated with other organizations throughout the county (unanimously adopted by the board)
  • drafted the board meeting proceedings as they relate to agendas and reports, to enable the running of board meetings to become more efficient (again, unanimously adopted by the board)
  • drafted the confidentiality policy to be used by the organization (adopted by the board)
  • provided education to the board on the aspects of the Election Code as it related to special political committees
  • proposed a volunteer recognition program to be adopted by the board (tabled by the board pending further development)

These are just a few of the many contributions that I have made to the board since re-joining the board in June. I think all these actions suggest that I have the best of interests of the organization in my mind, and while these may not always be shared-agreeable interests, they are designed to develop CCGLA into a more viable, successful and relevant organziation within our community.

Having said that, and not being a position to discuss issues with each other (in person), I did want to raise one issue with you that I have, and that is that I don’t believe you have provided me the same professional courtesy or respect as you have to other board members, and I feel that this has affected the dynamics of the board considerably. One recent example of this, occurred at the last board meeting. Unlike all other board meetings where you have extended the courtesy to wait for a board member to arrive at the meeting (in one case for nearly 35 minutes), when I arrived at the last minute five minutes late, you had called the meeting to order and were already dicussing reports. This seemed to go against a comment that you had made during an earlier meeting that you preferred the entire board to be together before calling the meeting to order (the same meeting we waited in excess of 30 minutes for Ken to arrive). This was the same meeting that the board agreed that we would wait for no more than 15 minutes in the future.

I believe that neither of us have given each other a chance to learn how each of us could work together more effectively. I also think that you may feel the same way, and if that is the case, I wish to apologize to you, and will make every effort to undertake that this will not occur in the future.


Email – MG to JN (11/18 @ 1:08 PM)

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Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: Doves
Importance: High


I have given this matter some serious thought and I stand by what I said at the meeting the other night. I have no personal issues with you. I have hoped since day one that that everyone who submitted an application to the board, would bring a contribution to the organization with their passion and knowledge. That as any board member, new and not so new, that we would all do what’s in the best interest for the organization and support each other and be a productive team.

I have no personal issues to work out with you, only those issues that pertain to the business of CCGLA. For that reason, I will not be meeting with you outside of business for CCGLA.



Email – JN to MG (11/17 @ 3:44 AM)

From: James Nunn []
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 3:44 AM
Cc: James Nunn
Subject: Doves
Importance: High


I wanted to make contact before things got too out of hand. I know that emotions on both sides were extremely high during tonight’s meeting, and I don’t think it is beneficial to continue to have these arise – either as part of CCGLA or CEF. I think Dawnetta raised an excellent point by suggesting that if there are issues, it is best to get them out in the open, so that it doesn’t affect – or continue to affect – the organization.

I don’t understand what, if any, issues you might have with me personally.
I know you have said there is nothing personal, however a number of your actions suggest something different. Clearly there is something, and I’m sure a number of my actions may suggest the same to you.

Oddly, in writing this email, I realized that I’ve not had a great deal to do with you, yet it appears that there exists this dark cloud hanging over both of our heads. It really isn’t conducive to continue in this way, as I feel that both of us are passionate about our involvement with CCGLA and CEF, and if we found a way to manage whatever “it” was that is causing this cloud, then I know that we have the oppotunity to make it work – for ourselves, and the organizations we are involved with.

So what I am proposing is this. Let’s find time to sit down, and talk about us. No bullshit, no curtains to hide behind … a frank discussion, and then … hopefully …. resolution. This may be a pipe dream, but I think it is worth attempting.

One of the reasons I’m proposing this relates to the fact that I’m not a believer in airing an organization’s dirty laundry in public, and I feel that some of the comments made tonight suggest that this may occur, which I don’t think will benefit either of the organizations that we are both involved with. As you and Mike suggested during tonight’s meeting, there will be futher board discussions about actions taken over these past few days, and possible weeks. I’ve already submitted my request in relation to this to Dell, and I’m sure you have done the same. My proposition is not designed to postpone this, or prevent this from happening, but I think it is worth something to both of our organizations for us to take the opportunity to try and resolve any underlying issues that we may have towards each other.

What I do believe is that we need to resolve this, even if it ends up just by setting parameters in which we both agree to work professionally with each other. This may not be something you want to do, but it is something that I am willing to try.

Of course, this will depend on you. I’m willing to make the effort, as I truly believe that it is not in my interest, your interest or the interest of either organization to allow this squabbling to go public.

I’m available on Friday afternoon (prior to the social), Saturday morning and Sunday morning if you are interested in meeting prior to the board meeting on Sunday. I hope that you will take this opportunity, and either way, I would appreciate you letting me know.