Weekend Recap – Camp Version

Over the weekend Chris, Bobby, Ian, Jonas, Josh and I headed north-east to Broken Bow (near Beavers Bend State Park) for our annual camping trip.  Also joining us were Bosley, Caleb, Colby, Dawson and Skylar – los perros adventureros.

Bobby, Ian, Chris and I have been going since every year since 2000 (well we did miss one year), and we have “camped” in East Texas, the Hill Country, Lake Texoma and Beavers Bend. By far, this year’s camping environment was the best. The cabin was phenomenal – very large, huge kitchen (very important for our camping trips), sleeping for twelve people (mostly on/in bunk beds), large porches and a good distance between the next cabin.  I think the only negative (and to me, this is very small) was the closeness to the highway, so you could hear traffic (sometimes causing a barking frenzy).

The company is always good on these weekends, and we were lucky to have Jonas and Josh join us for the entire weekend, and on Saturday, our friend Travis drove up for the night. 

One thing we always say during, and after our trips is that we certainly eat well.  While this is true, and I love everything we eat, I especially look forward to breakfast on our final day.  This is where we take all the leftovers and assemble them into a feast.  There are the staples (like eggs, biscuits, bacon, etc), but then you add the remaing chicken and vegetables from the kebabs, or the baked potatoes (to create hash browns) and you have the most incredible smells meandering through the cabin to wake everyone from their late night drinking slumber.

As previously reported (20032004, 2005), we always have fun on these weekends, and it is a great time to just unwind and relax.

Highlights (and lowlights) from the recent adventure:

  • The food (as mentioned) – we ate like queens pretending to be kings
  • The friendship – loving friends that laugh with you and at you
  • Our dogs – for sharing quintereophonic barking at the best times
  • The booze
  • Bosley’s accident
  • My starting the weekend with a migraine
  • The nature trails, and the beautiful weather
  • The cabin
  • The fire gods and fairies – for given us the joy of wathcing you dance

Of course, in the techy age that we live in, there are plenty of pictures to be shared (as my three previous posts suggest).  Not only can you view a selection of pics from Chris and I, but also Bobby has posted some images.

Cute Bonding Moment

Cute Bonding Moment
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This is one of my favorite pics from our recent camping trip. Colby gets so tired at times that you can see his head nodding up and down as he fights the urge to sleep. Chris took the opportunity to cuddle into him as he was doing this, and he quickly drifted off to sleep.

The boyz are both just so tired right now after their weekend adventure, so there is a lot of sleeping going on right now.

I’ve added more pictures from our recent weekend camping trip, so be sure to check some of these out.

Group Shot # 1 – Camping 2006

Group Shot – Self Timer
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Chris, I and the boyz (Bosley and Colby) have just returned from a weekend camping trip in Oklahoma. We had to do the obligatory group shot on the last day (this morning) on one of the trails traveled over the weekend.

This shot is a self timer shot, thanks to Chris (who diligently set it all up, and then sprinted and squatted to get into the shot – all on semi-slippery slate).

Clockwise from left-back is: Travis, Jonas, Ian, Josh, me, Bobby, Skylar, Bosley, Colby (blocked), Caleb, Dawson and Chris.