An Open Letter to the NCAA

(A recent Facebook post by our current mayor, Maher Maso prompted me to write my letter today.)

Let me start by saying, that my adopted home of Frisco is one of the best cities to live in (not just by my standards, but by organizations that analyze these types of claims). While this letter may appear to be critical in some ways, it does not take away from the fact that I have continued to call Frisco home since 1999, and am proud of all that our city has accomplished since I’ve been a resident. Continue reading “An Open Letter to the NCAA”

What Next for Marriage Equality?

Last year, I posted my submission to the Senate Inquiry to determine if a non-binding marriage plebiscite should be held to determine if marriage equality should be allowed in Australia. The Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee reviewed all the submissions and made its report available in September 2015. While the report contained a number of observations, it also made a recommendation to the parliament of Australia:

The committee recommends that a bill to amend the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 to allow for the marriage between two people regardless of their sex is introduced into the Parliament as a matter of urgency, with all parliamentarians being allowed a conscience vote. Continue reading “What Next for Marriage Equality?”

Clarifying The “Empire”

So it seems my recent post about launching True Blue Strategy got some people asking, “so what happened with your Rodan+Fields business?” The answer is that it is still there, and growing!

Rodan+Fields – like any business – is taking time to gets its feet on the ground and I am currently working a 2-4 year plan for that to become profitable. Well let me correct that, it is profitable now thanks to my wonderful customers and partners, but I mean really profitable.

True Blue Strategy will be the business that I work full-time (or as full-time as I can), and I will continue to spend the 10-15 hours each week working Rodan+Fields. I continue to be excited about the R+F launch in Australia later this year, and already have some amazing folks who are set to partner with me on day one. So in addition to the updates and follow-ups that I do weekly with R+F, most of my energy has been working to connect with Aussie folks and start building their teams for when we launch. #InstantSuccess

This has been one of the reasons why I didn’t launch True Blue Strategy prior to my travels to Australia. I knew where the focus needed to be (well the first trip at least), but now that I’m back home in the US, I knew it was time. Besides, R+F has helped me with my launch of True Blue Strategy by providing part of the start-up costs so that I could be open for business today.

The great thing about both of these businesses, is that they work well with each other. Each provides a very clear pathway to travel in their success, with some crossover but very little opportunity for conflict.

So whether you are looking for a partner to help with your strategic initiatives, or open to starting your very own part-time skincare company with the 2nd Largest Premium Skincare company in the USA, you know where to look.

Introducing My New Business


Now that I have returned and recovered from my extended travels to Australia, I am excited to announce that I’m launching my new consulting business – True Blue Strategy. We are now open for business.

What is True Blue Strategy and why am I telling you about it? Great questions!

The official “what is” response is:

True Blue Strategy is a full-service consulting firm that exists to help individuals, causes and organizations achieve measurable success, locally and globally. We aim to do this by providing strategic advice, practical support and focused expertise.

Our values will drive our success, and we aim to do this with an ethical and honest focus and a realistic presence.

Of course, you and I both know that this is far more than just that. True Blue Strategy has grown from a passion that has driven me since moving to Frisco in 1999, and continues to excites me today. Politics, civic/community engagement, and public affairs have always been in my blood, and while the drive has always been there, the opportunity has only recently surfaced. I am excited to turn one of my passions into a career choice, and I am thankful that I have someone like you to share this exciting news with.

I want to invite to learn more about True Blue Strategy by visiting our website (more content coming soon). Take a moment to learn about what services we offer, or find out the why and the who (not the band), or if you want to jump right in, learn how you can partner with us.

While you are clicking on links, please take another moment to like our Facebook page, and follow us on twitter and Instagram. Our social media presence is growing, and you can help with three simple clicks. So click away…

Thank you for allowing me to share this exciting news with you, and invading your inbox for a brief moment to do so. You may have questions or would like more information on this step in my life, and I welcome those (just hit reply). Also, thank you for sharing my news with your friends, family and colleagues; or forwarding this to members of your church, organizations that you belong to or your circles of influence. You are very much appreciated.

With appreciation,

James Nunn