Target in target

Eeeks… spend time working on other things, or relaxing in the country and you miss out on things. Thanks to kelrick [LJ user], I found out about the devastating boycott of Target stores by the American Family Association.  The reason?  Target, has joined other stores, like Walmart to reduce the “Merry Christmas” message within their […]

CCGLA Update

One of the major focuses that I have spent a great deal of time on lately has been my legal action against CCGLA.  It was nice to get away for the Thanksgiving break, and not spend any time on that issue (instead focusing my energies on my family and my studies).  Last week, after I […]

Fugging Funny

This find courtesy of my friend . Go Fug Yourself is a talented couple of women who have far too much time on their hands, and seek out incredibly unflattering pictures of people to comment on.  It seems that one of the recent commentaries featured Ms. Courtney Act.  Read their comments here.  Personally, I think […]


I've changed the name of my blog (again).  I've had “My Life to a Point” for a little while now, but after revisiting Rent recently, I liked the idea of calling my blog “No Day But Today” which generally reflects how I feel about most things.  Living in the past, or waiting for the future, […]