Travel Posts Coming Soon…

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks as Chris and I traveled around a small part of Europe. I’ve been posting updates over on my Facebook page, but will soon be uploading a series of posts for each of the places we visited. Stay tuned.

Let’s Just Walk Around and See

“Let’s just walk around, and see things,” might sound simple enough to most, but when in Washington D.C. this can be a dangerous thing. So we did walk … and walk … and walk. My Fitbit tells me that we covered 14.47 miles this day. But sites we did see. Chris had chosen a great […]

The Trip to D.C.

I’m not sure what we were thinking. Packing two exchange students in a car of a road trip to and from Washington D.C. seemed like a good idea at the time, and to be honest – it turned out to be exactly that. Tong and Tommy were troopers, and I’d thought I’d document – in […]


On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether my marriage to Chris Moss should be valid in Texas (which it is currently not), and across this great country. Currently, our marriage is recognized in 38 states (plus DC), which means that our relationship has a different legal status depending on which […]