Wishing You A Happy New Year

Another year and one more chapter of life is closing, and what better way to end 2017 than with a brief update, and to take the opportunity to wish you the joy of the season and happy new year! So what happened in 2017 that is worth sharing? Europe Spring Break 2017 Chris and I […]

31,557,600 seconds

But only one first! Today is the first time I’ve turned 49. It will also be my last. Over the next 365 days, I will incrementally become 50, and providing I continue to look after myself, those numbers will continue to rise. But today, today I am 49. There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year, and […]

Today is my birthday…

So today is my birthday. Thank you Google for recognizing this today with my personalized search graphic. On this day, forty-eight years ago in Australia I was born. I was a winter baby, born in the month of June in the southern hemisphere (I’ve discovered I prefer having summer birthdays!). I love celebrating my birthday; […]

a birthday request …

June gives many of us all two reasons to celebrate. It’s GLBT Pride month and it’s my birthday (yes, another Gemini)! As you may know, I serve on the board of Youth First Texas. This year, I want to ask that if you were planning on celebrating my birthday with me that you take a […]

Birthday Celebrations

I’ve decided to take some time out from my hectic schedule, and visit my third place to relax for an hour or so. With the storms that have been hitting our area today, it was time to just get out of the house while there was a break in the rain and storms. Well for […]