2014 – Here I Come

As we start a new year, there is a tradition to make promises that one tries to keep throughout the year. I’ve attempted to do this over the years, with some success … and some failures. What I have learned is that what holds me accountable the most, is just writing these down. So here are my current resolutions for the new year.

The fitness resolution: I will exercise at least 3 times every week, and work to reduce my weight by at least 1 pound each week. By March 31, I should have lost 12 pounds and by May 31, I will have lost at least 20 pounds. I will monitor this and intermittently post updates on how I am going with these goals.

The writing resolution: I plan to write more. I will make this happen through an increase in my blogging on my various sites. I’d like to set a goal of a number of words each week or month, and this may be an adjustment I make to the goal later in the year.

The reading resolution: I read a lot every day. The major issue I have is that I am not reading books. I am making a goal to read more books, though they may be in electronic form. I’m compiling my list of books to read ┬áin the coming months. This goal will give me a chance to reacquaint myself with Shelfari (which I have just discovered is now owned by Amazon).

The social resolution: Chris and I have been working to plan more social activities, and spend more quality time with our friends. Having the pool will help with this over the summer, so that will be an easy way to meet this goal. This goal will include planning social events with friends at least twice each month.


Copied from my Facebook page:

So in the worst news you can hear file, our sweet Bosley has been diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer. This is the reason that his appetite has gone, and the reason he has lost 9 pounds over the past few weeks. Our world is just a total mess right now. Selfishly, I am so thankful that Chris Moss took him to the vet today, but so upset that this is happening to our little floppy eared dog. So life pretty much sucks right now and will for the remainder of the shortened time that we get to spend with our sweet Boz!

Being Ordained

Did you know that I was ordained a minister of the Universal Life Church in August 2003? Well, originally I got ordained in 2001, but it seems my record was lost and I had to go through the process again, so my credentials say August 2003, so that is what I use. When I was first ordained, I thought it was pretty cool, and in May 2004, I received my Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Life Church so I could use the title “Doctor” with my name (a title I rarely use). Yes, you may call me Reverend Doctor!

Since being ordained, I have done one wedding ceremony – a civil union. I thought it would be cool to have this option for friends and people in the know, but I haven’t actively pursued being in front of more wedding parties. I hope that will change one day soon.

Over the past few months I’ve been looking more at the spiritual side of things in life – nothing too crazy, but looking for opportunities to learn more about different parts of the spiritual world. Organized religion doesn’t suit me. It never will (tried it, didn’t like it). I do, however, love to learn more about the different faiths and beliefs that people hold. One great resource has been the ULC Seminary which not only offers ordinations, but many classes to help guide a person’s spiritual journey towards knowledge.

The beauty of the ULC is that the tenets of the church fit neatly with what I truly believe: “To do that which is right.” If you find that organized religion doesn’t quite do it for you, but you have a desire to learn more about the different spiritual options out there, why not check out the ULC Seminary?