Monday Blog Commentary

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on what others are blogging about, and what is in the news (that interests me). So I’d thought I’d waste a few moments of Labor Day labouring away at the keyboard regurgitating what others have written.

First. Steve Irwin, the Australian Crocodile Hunter is dead. Irwin died while filming a segment in the Great Barrier Reef, and was attacked by a Bull Ray (otherwise a Smooth Ray) – one of the largest rays in that part of the world. It seems that the ray reacted and drove his poisonous barbed tail into Erwin’s chest, piercing his heart. Read Animal Planet’s tribute to Irwin here.

Tom Cruise apologized to Brooke Shields. This is news, how?!?!

Jonathan Chase (IMDB Image)Saturday night, we went to see Another Gay Movie. It was freakin’ funny as hell. If there was a boundary to be crossed, it was crossed! It was fun to see references to other teen movies that have been done over the years, with a very gay twist. The boys in the movie are worth watching (especially the very cute Jonathan Chase, pictured), and there are plenty of cameos by people that we would recognize from various TV shows and specialized films. The parts with Graham Norton are enough to make you go “ewww” and laugh at the same time. A definite must see, and DVD acquisition.

Andrew Sullivan reports that conservative Judaism will soon end its ban on gay ordination and same-sex marriage.

In the September 11, 2006 edition of Newsweek, three scholars argue that atheism is smarter. The article features commentary from Sam Harris, Daniel C. Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. A good read for the current thinking on atheism, and the role of God in America.

Back, flicks and friends

Well I thought I might do a weekend recap.

Friday night I did the usual coffee gathering with Frisco Pride members, and was suprised to see six new members in attendance (the largest we’ve had in a long time). Later we did a salad at Cotton Patch Cafe and then headed home to watch Boys Briefs 2, which was hosted by Danny Roberts. It was really enjoyable. Sometimes with these short films, you can get some depressing movies that overwhelm you. This series of shorts, didn’t have any of those.

Saturday, as I was loading the dishwasher, I pulled a muscle in my back. Talk about a great way to mess up weekend plans. I tried to recover, but it gradually got worse, so I ended up laying down and napping. The worst part of this was the reality that I was not going to be able to head to a Frisco Pride cocktail event that evening. I’d been looking forward to it for a while, and here I was moving about like an 110-year old. I did manage to cook some pretty tasty fried rice for dinner, and then proceeded to watch the two remaining films I had from NetFlix: The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and FAQS.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye was really good, and actually quite educational. I was suprised to learn some of the history of evangelical television, and the fact that Jim and Tammy Baker were responsible for starting “The 700 Club”, “Trinity Broadcasting Network” and “PTL.” I was also suprised at the involvement of Jerry Falwell into the destruction of both Jim and Tammy’s lives, not to mention the apparent deceit that he manipulated to push Jim and Tammy out of PTL.

FAQS was less educational, however provided a great deal of eye candy … if you are into that kind of thing. Adam Larson (from MTV’s Road Rules) appears as a gay basher, who discovers his sexuality. The lead character, Joe Lia (India) is a little unbelievable, but has some cute naked scenes which make up for the mediocre acting. The ultra-hottie of the show is Spencer (played by Lance Lee Davis) … talk about a nice chest 🙂

Most of Sunday, I watched mind-numbing television while trying to “click” my back into place. Sunday evening we had Bobby, Ian and Kean over for dinner, and enjoyed cooking some kebabs on the new grill (the old one needed a part replaced that didn’t seem to be availble *sigh*). Chris was very happy with the new acquisition.

We finished our weekend by watching Comedy Central’s roast of William Shatner. It was okay.

Being the fly…

We’ve all said at some point in our lives, if only I were a fly on the wall. Normally, it’s referenced when we are interested in learning about things that you may not be exposed to if you were in the same room. Today, I was that fly.

Some of you may have heard of MySpace. For those of you who haven’t, it’s an online social networking site that has become a phenomena amongst anyone under 30, band/music types, geeky types that have to be on everything, and tramps (the category I fit into).

For those of you who have, you’ll understand – and probably seen – how those of us in this world are becoming even more closely connected. Which brings me to being a fly. Today, I joined Chris in meeting up with a guy he knew way back when (we’re talking elementary school) who now lives in the Dallas area. Chris “found” him on MySpace. A feature of MySpace is the ability to enter your high school, college or university education history and then click on that school name and find people who you may have gone to class with. Interestingly, this seems to work better than; due in part to there being over 80 million accounts on MySpace (double that of ClassMates).

The evening was focused on catching up on the past (and Jeff – the MySpace connection – has a few good stories to tell about his), learning about the present, and developing (hopefully) an ongoing connection. I’m always amazed at how small the world has become, and feel great when it works out as well as it can.

So being this fly, I learned more about a guy called Jeff, I learnt a great deal about growing up in the small East Texas town that Chris and Jeff shared a history with, and I learnt what it was like being a fly on the wall.