31,557,600 seconds

But only one first!

Today is the first time I’ve turned 49. It will also be my last. Over the next 365 days, I will incrementally become 50, and providing I continue to look after myself, those numbers will continue to rise. But today, today I am 49.

There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year, and while many of those seconds were spent sleeping, and a vast majority I have very little recollection about, I have also been blessed to have achieved some amazing things with some of those. And what has made those achievements and “things that I’ve done” all that greater, have been the people that are a part of my life.

So today as I celebrate turning 49, I want to celebrate the people who have helped me enjoy the last 31,557,600 seconds of my life. To everyone with whom I’ve shared seconds of my life, thank you!

Some highlights from my past year include:

  • spending a phenomenal amount of time with my family in Australia, and getting reacquainted with members of my family from years past,
  • traveling to Europe in March and meeting our former exchange student Emile’s family, traveling around Spain with Trey and Andrea, and experiencing new parts of the globe that I look forward to returning to,
  • new jobs and opportunities as I continue to work towards achieving our long-term dreams and goals,
  • new friends and long-term friends and continuing to build relationships, and
  • being able to celebrate Chris’s birthday in a unique way.

Every year for the past 18 years, I’ve thanked Chris for being my rock and being a solid foundation sharing each second as it ticks by, and this year is no different. Many of my special moments that I’ve experienced this past year has been with Chris by my side. I’m a lucky guy, and I am thankful for him every day.

Yes, today is my birthday, and I want to celebrate everyone who has helped make my year another one of those that I will look back on fondly. Thank you!

Today is my birthday…

Screenshot 2016-06-17 11.51.10

So today is my birthday. Thank you Google for recognizing this today with my personalized search graphic.

On this day, forty-eight years ago in Australia I was born. I was a winter baby, born in the month of June in the southern hemisphere (I’ve discovered I prefer having summer birthdays!). I love celebrating my birthday; getting older has never been an issue with me. Sure there have been a few that I’ve been more apprehensive about than others (my 25th birthday comes to mind), but I’ve always appreciated that actually having the opportunity to celebrate a birthday is better than the alternative.

This year will be another difficult year for me. Not because of my birthday, but because of so many that will no longer celebrate their birthdays because of the actions of gun wielding lunatics. Today, I’m reminded that the joy of responding to my friends on Facebook, texts and emails will not be something that 75 people who were murdered in a mass shooting this month alone, will never have the opportunity to do again. Families no longer celebrating with their husbands, wives, sons, daughters; friends no longer being able to celebrate at a restaurant, home, or at a bar.

So this year, as I hope I will remember every year, I will continue to celebrate my birthday, but I will remember those that were taken from us last Sunday morning in Orlando; those taken from us in Charlotte last year (on this same day); those taken from us in Sandy Hook in 2012; those taken from us in Columbine in 1999; and those taken from us everyday in a mass shooting (75 people so far this month alone; 288 this year).

To my family and friends, thank you for your kind words and greetings. As always, they are much appreciated, and I love you for thinking of me for that moment.

a birthday request …

June gives many of us all two reasons to celebrate. It’s GLBT Pride month and it’s my birthday (yes, another Gemini)!

As you may know, I serve on the board of Youth First Texas. This year, I want to ask that if you were planning on celebrating my birthday with me that you take a moment to consider making a donation to Youth First Texas in lieu of any gifts. Of course, if you weren’t planning on buying me anything, perhaps you would still consider making a small contribution regardless.

Like many other nonprofits in the community, Youth First Texas has experienced a greater need for services over the last few years, and a decrease in level of financial resources that has been available to it. The YFT board has made, and continues to make, decisions to keep our expenditures low, including reducing the hours of operation of the Dallas Youth Center’s hours, one of the only safe spaces for youth in the metroplex.

Even with these decisions, the financial situation for YFT is not good. During these next few months, we are continuing to carefully navigate through this financial squeeze, however Youth First Texas needs your help.  Please consider making a donation today. Any amount will help YFT continue to provide safe space for our LGBTQA youth.

You can support Youth First Texas financially by writing a check (payable to “Youth First Texas”), or making an online credit card payment https://giving.youthfirsttexas.org. Either way, any amount is appreciated and welcome.

Warm regards,
James Nunn

P.S. Your contribution is tax deductible, so your birthday gift will help you out next year 🙂

About Youth First Texas
Youth First Texas is the only non-profit organization in Dallas exclusively committed to providing social services, education opportunities, recreational activities and leadership development to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth through age 22.

Birthday Celebrations

I’ve decided to take some time out from my hectic schedule, and visit my third place to relax for an hour or so. With the storms that have been hitting our area today, it was time to just get out of the house while there was a break in the rain and storms.

Well for those of you in the know, today is my birthday. Some may not realize that it is the big FOUR-OH (40), which doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I got a chance to chat with my mum last night for almost a couple of hours, and I guess that made me feel all that much better. Oh look … it’s raining again.

Chris and James
Chris and many of my friends, surprised me on Saturday with a party at Trader Vic’s on Mockingbird for a Polynesian-esque meal (with drinks). It was truly a surprise! Mainly in part as the person who appeared to be least likely to ever be involved with deception, deceived me. I had kind of expected Chris to be planning something for next weekend, of course that just added to thrill of being surprised. I have to say that I was actually very impressed with the way it all was coordinated, and saddened that I could be so predictable as to make it all work out as well as it did.

Sunday, Chris and I got to spend time with our Little Brother and went to the FC Dallas game for 15 minutes as it was way too hot to spend time outside in a stadium. I didn’t mind that our LB was feeling the heat and wanted to leave, as I was feeling it as well (nothing to do with the party the night before). So we returned to LB’s home and Chris and he swam in the pool, and then we ate pizza and had cake for Big Brother’s Day. Our LB gave us this incredible nice card which had a label marked “Big Brother’s” placed over a Father’s Day card. He even recorded a great message inside the card which was just brilliant to listen to.

The remainder of the week is planned to be quiet as I try to catch up on work — fun, fun 🙂