USA Travels 1997

Well it was talked about, we did it and now we want to brag about it! Over a period of about five weeks in September 1997, Daniel and I travelled to the United States. The itinerary can be found on the Travel Calendar (note 1) which has the most up to date travel plans on […]

Port Douglas 1996

During our visit to the north, we meet John & Jeff on the Ocean Spirit Reef Trip. The trip was organised for the Men On Vacation group, and if John or Jeff had not seen “all the boys” boarding that boat, they would have spent their trip with the blue-rinse brigade! They jumped shipped and […]

Australian Trip 1996

Hi there! Well for the period 1 March to 17 March 1996, Daniel and I travelled around some parts of Australia (refer itinerary below), and I thought that I would put some of the highlights on the Web for your enjoyment. We met some fabulous people while travelling, and visited some lovely places. If you […]