More tragedy and lives lost

CkwqF4EW0AAQe7lI am just nauseous with the news this morning that a man took it upon himself, in the name of his god to murder 50 members of the LGBTQ community, and injure 53 others in Orlando earlier today. It doesn’t matter if this is a hate crime, an act of terrorism or just the workings of a seriously troubled person, the reality is that 50 families (and most likely some more) will not have their husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, partner or friend in their lives any longer. Gone. Just like that.
It sickens me that there will be some who justify this action through their misguided beliefs – in their god, in their version of the Constitution, or in their hatred of the LGBTQ community.
No amount of words will bring back those family members. They are gone, forever. What is troubling to me is that there are words filled with hate, filled with ignorance and filled with some form of justification in their beliefs that will contribute to more deaths and injuries. For politicians – wanna be politicians – preachers and community leaders, your words matter, your words hurt, your words incite this kind of violence. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for fueling the hatred that drives people to take these kind of monstrous actions. YOU are to blame.
Yes, I’m angry. And if you are not, what kind of human being are you?