Decide Today How Tomorrow Looks

Happy New Year,

As you know, I’ve been in the nonprofit sector for over ten years and while I have loved what I have done during this time, I was never excited by the rewards. Recently I had the decision made for me to leave the nonprofit world, and like I did so many years ago (after leaving the Australian public sector), I decided this was the time to take a different pathway, and one that would provide the opportunity for my growth and success!

It was important to me that whatever my next step, I had to believe in the company and its leadership; it needed to provide the right rewards (not just financial); and it had to move me towards achieving the goals that I have set for myself and my family. Instead of being afraid of the future, I needed to be excited by it and the challenges that would come my way.

As I explained in a recent blog post, I have partnered with Rodan+Fields, the same doctors that developed the ProActiv® Acne Treatment System, and the USA’s fastest growing premium skincare brand since 2009. I’ve been using Rodan+Fields for a little over a month, and have seen incredible improvements not just with my skin, but with many other customers. I love the passion and support given by the company’s leaders and along with the company’s recent global expansion into Canada, including plans to launch in Australia later this year, I strongly believe this is the right place for me to achieve my goals.

To succeed, I am inviting you to help me build my business, which is one of the reasons why you are receiving this email (this will be the only one). First of all, there is no obligation on your part (you may delete this email). If you are willing, you can help me succeed one (or more) of these ways:

  • take a quick survey with our solutions tool to see if Rodan+Fields has a better skincare solution for you;
  • chat with me about how Rodan+Fields may be the right business fit for you and your goals (reply to this email or call me to schedule a time); or
  • forward this email onto your family and friends who you believe may benefit from learning more about Rodan+Fields.

If you had an opportunity to try something new that could change your life, would you do it? I answered this question with a “yes” and I hope that you would as well (when given the opportunity). This may not be your “yes” moment but I appreciate you being a part of mine.

Thank you, and please let me know what I can do to help you decide today how your tomorrow will look.

James Nunn
Consultant, Rodan+Fields