But first, an update.

It seems that when things happen, they happen all at once. After enjoying a week off during Thanksgiving, I threw my back out the Saturday after the holiday. This happens from time to time, and it is always an annoyance and a reminder that I’m getting older.

So the Monday after Thansgiving I returned to work, and spent it as a catch up day and I was somewhat relieved that the wheels had not come off over the holidays, a sign that things were getting better at work (or so I thought).

Tuesday I decided to join one of my friends and launched my new Rodan+Fields business. With the strong growth of the company, and the future expansion plans for the Asia-Pacific region, I knew this was the right thing for me to be doing right now (or so I thought).

I kept busy for the remainder of the week, and I continued to get my back in order (taking it slowly as I reintroduced my back to the gym).

Friday I had planned for a couple of meetings and a holiday lunch at the office – which were quite pleasant – and then BOOM! Laid off! Yep, after eight years with Big Brothers Big Sisters the decision had been made to part ways. It was a shock and a disappointment, but that was only the initial reaction. As the reality set in, I realized this provided an opportunity for growth.

So I threw myself into building my R+F business, and continue planning some travel that we had going on over the holidays. I’m even getting to the gym more and I’m feeling less stressed, sleeping better and losing weight! So the new chapter is starting and it looks bright!

All that being said, my business is not even close to being full time, so contrary to what social media sites suggest (looking at you LinkedIn and Facebook), I’m still looking for work.

So if your company or business (or one you know of) is looking for a motivated person to start their new year with, I’d love to make a connection. Connect with me here.