Hypocrites, traitors, oh my

What I’ve learned from reading the variety of commentary on the blogs, Facebooks and Twitters is that the SCOTUS will make decisions that some people agree with, and others don’t. To criticize the court for a decision on marriage, is the same to criticize the court for allowing corporations to inject money into politics (Citizens United) or selecting a president of the United States (Bush v. Gore). To claim that the marriage decision is unjust, is to say that these other cases were unjust. To hold a different opinion makes you a hypocrite. I have not liked many of the decisions of the Supreme Court, but I accept that these decisions are now the law of the land.

What is NEVER acceptable is elected officials whose oath is to uphold the Constitution of the United States to assert they are going to IGNORE (or violate) the Supreme Law of this country. That is anarchy at the highest forms of government, WITHIN government. Those people are traitors to our state and our country.

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