Where Does Time Go?

So today my odometer clicked over to 45. Where does the time go?

It has been a question I have been asking myself for some months now. Finding time is something that I am not very good at, but I hope that it is something that I can work on. For now, here is a summary of life that has been happening since my last check-in.

A big life event was my getting married to Chris in March. Our venue for the wedding was Vancouver, Canada, and after just a couple of days there, it is a place that we will definitely go back to.

Brothers, mother and sisterFollowing our wedding, we traveled to Australia to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks. We got to enjoy some time with my family at my aunt’s house in the country (where we had a lot of my family there). It was Chris’s first experience of a real country, fly-invading meal. It was amazing to see my nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles AND their children all in one place. We had such a good time, and I realized what an awesome family I really do have.

We took a short break and headed up to Palm Cove to relax, unwind, and snorkel the reef. I had been up that way before (though had never stayed in Palm Cove), and this was Chris’s first time. It was pretty amazing experience.

After returning to the land of US of A, we had a small reception for our wedding with our friends and family here in Dallas, and then started the count down to when our pool would be finished. (A blog post on our experience building the pool will be posted shortly.) Then life pretty much returned to semi-normality.

Chris has been traveling some, and work has been keeping me very busy. We launch our program in two new markets this coming year, so there has been a lot of preparation and we’ll continue to get ready for the launch of the new school year.

About a month ago, while walking the neighborhood, we found a cat, who has become “Max, the cat” and now lives with us. He is actually pretty sweet, if not a little demanding at times (so much for cats that were independent and left you alone). Max and Colby tend to get along reasonably well. We’ll see how that continues to work out.