I got hitched!

Wedding Kiss

As I mentioned in my blog earlier, Chris and I decided to get married, and on March 5, 2013 I am happy to announce that we exchanged vows in Vancouver, Canada. For many years, I experienced some major conflict on the whole marriage thing, as I didn’t see the point in doing something that offered no legal recognition in either of our home countries. In the past couple of years, I guess I worked through that, and while I didn’t expect anything to change with the words “I do” I was somewhat surprised how change found me.

It is hard to explain, though I suspect that anyone who has been married (at least the first time) will understand what I am about to say. Even though Chris and I had been together 14 years, the morning of our wedding felt different. It was like I was seeing him, and falling in love all over again. And then when the words “I now pronounce you duly married” were spoken, we were different. We were married. Like, legally married!

The days after our wedding, I discovered how comfortable (and real) it felt to refer to Chris as “my husband” and that when I said those words, they had real meaning (to me). I found myself finding it awkward to say “my partner” when Chris had become more than that. It is an odd sensation, and one I never understood … until now.

I got hitched to the man I now call my husband. Life is good!