30-Day Update — time to finish

So I got really behind. But I’m going to play catch up. I’ve decided I need to blog more and use this site to continue to share my journey — wherever that may lead. So, here are the responses for days 15-19.

Day 15: Something you miss

My family. I miss the option of just getting in the car, or hoping on a plane and spending time with my family. While I could do this, it’s not practical. I try not to think about the things that I have missed over the years with my family, but do look forward to the future that I will share. I have my family here in the US, and that keeps me sane, but there is something about just hanging out with your mother or brothers that can’t be replaced.

Day 16: Nicknames

I’ve had probably three nicknames that come to mind. Growing up I was “Jamie” (in the tradition of making names younger while growing up). I moved away from that in my late teens, and was giving the nickname “Lash” by my ex’s ex (to this day I’m not really sure how or why this name established itself) but that is what he called me. My ex and I each called the other “Chap” and “Other Chap” (or OC). It’s still a nickname that I use from time to time.

Day 17: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME. Why?

I’d have to say this one. I think it is one of those natural pictures of the two of us (Chris and I), taken over a Thanksgiving break in the country. I think it shows we are relaxed and happy. Besides I look thin in that picture!

Day 18: Something you’ve learned

I have learned a lot. Not sure I could share just one that I have learned that would be overly profound. I guess the one that I can share is that we are sometimes our own worst enemies.

Day 19: Your Dream Wedding

A legal one with family and friends, on a beach in a tropical place.