Something you’re looking forward to

Part 13 – Something you’re looking forward to

This one is easy. I’m looking forward to my mother and sister (and possibly my aunt) coming to visit at the end of this year. My mother has never been to the US, and not only will she be here for her birthday, but also for Christmas as well. This is probably going to be the highlight of my year (with apologies to anything else that has happened or will happen during the year).

Of course, I think it will be a major highlight for many of my friends as well who are excitedly waiting to meet my mother, and no doubt learn all the more embarrassing things from my past. Thank goodness most of my friends know me fairly well, and will have equally as many embarrassing things to share with my friends.

I’m also excited that we will be doing some traveling while my mum is here, and I am looking forward to sharing with her and my sister parts of the country that I’ve been too, and others where I will be visiting for the first time. As the trip gets closer, I’ll be posting our itinerary for comment and suggestions.