New Home

Well after starting the whole process of finding a new home and building it, we have finally moved into our new abode!  I have to say it is pretty amazing, and I am enjoying the time that we are taking to get to know our new house.

For those that frequented our previous home, you may have heard us refer to it as “EGB” which is a pretend airport code (waypoint) for our home. After much searching, we have given our new home the code “CDF” which stands for Casetta Drive Frisco. Of course CAS would have been great, but that is Casablanca (kismet anyone?). So if you are ever invited to CDF, you will know what we are talking about.

As of tonight we would have been in our house one day short of a week. It has been an incredible week, and most of the first few days was spent moving. We are still moving, as we are slowly working through emptying out our storage unit. The dogs are settling into the new place, however they are still a little unsure of why they are here. As long as Chris or I stay relatively close, we are in a good spot with the boys.

So far there has not been anything too disastrous with our move. The moving company did damage our front door, but we are moving forward with that. Our audio / network installation has been a different story. It’s one of those things that you hope won’t be an issue, but invariably it is. So far we have two ports that don’t work, and what seems to be a missing subwoofer cable in our family room. Needless to say it is the little things that really make the experience all that less exciting.

Chris’s mom and brother are currently living with us, so we have a full, but comfortable living arrangement right now. I’m glad that we are not living at the old place right now as I think it would be a little more close and problematic (with having more people to maneuver around small places). It gives us an idea of how it is going to be later this year when my mother and sister come to visit for a couple of months. Overall, it has been a pretty great start to our new life at CDF!

Here is a picture of the house that was taken by our new neighbor during the most recently snow storm.