time for change

After being in our house for almost ten years (January 2011) we have decided to start the House 2.0 project. Chris and I have been looking around for a couple of years for the next “perfect” home for us to live in. We initially thought that we could find a foreclosed property that we could work with, however the only time that the right house appeared, there was so much that needed to be done to it, that we both decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing. Then we stopped looking for a while as we got busy with other projects.

Then in July we had been talking with some friends and they had just singed up to build a new house, and we once again explored the option of building House 2.0 rather than trying to find a home that fit our needs. It was here that we found Sorana Estates thanks to our friends. Both of us fell in love with the community (not that one exists yet), and the layout of the development. We even found a house that we both really liked.

Move forward to today and House 2.0 is now starting to become a reality. We even have a website ready with the beginnings of everything everyone needs to know about the house. Feel free to check out the website.

So all things working in our favor, we will calling House 2.0 home around March 2011. More details to come.

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